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Who are we?
Indigo Kids is an audiovisual project from Siberia. The audio part are Sasha and Light, actually Indigo Kids band, visuals by vj cut_c (aka Pavel Tarkhov).

But, let`s be under the order about everything.

Sasha and Light about the collective:

Indigo Kids is logic continuation of the 8BIT project, stopped it`s existence in 2004, right after gig at Clubtransmediale festival in Berlin. After disintegration 8BIT former participants created two independent collectives Echo Depth Finders - the post hip-hop project of the 8BIT former producer Digital One (aka Nikolay Zhmakin). And Sasha Slyboots, the second participant of the 8BIT, creates Indigo Kids, the project that stayed similar to what we did as the 8BIT.

Music of the project is a mixture of lo-fi/minimal/electro/tech/punk elements.

And though ourselves prefere not to name "music" what we do and give our creativity such definitions like "antimusic". Here what well known Berlin producer Andi Teichmann has told about us: "...you are definatly TECHNO!!!! That`s for sure and you are crazy. So beware of the Indigo Kids!!!".

We collect something with cubes, manufactured by our own. Certainly, behind a heap of sounds obviously not a human origin it is possible to guess and distinguish some alive musical elements. So, in a record took part Inkizhinova Anja who plays the rare Mongolian national tool which is named Yatag. Certainly, after we have worked above it, it will be difficult to recognize it. In our creativity we try to avoid citing and do something unique.
Someone has told about our project, that it is something perfect non-conformistic. However, we try to protect ears of our listeners and we leave a place for dances! And it is a lot of place for it!

To create our "funkeinstein" we use the Soviet electronic drums "Formanta", old BOSS sampler and "Lel" analog synth, also the Soviet manufacture.

As already it has been written above, for a visual part of the project answers vj cut_c. His creativity is some kind of "video pazzle", collected wrong way. There is a place to citing, however, the basic part of his works is his own videos samples. Besides Paul is engaged in shooting experimental videofilms in collaboration with Slyboots and writes minimal techno.

Indigo Kids often perform on non-conformistic art actions and underground raves, preferring to stand aside of a mainstream. Each performance is always 100 % live gig and a powerful analog techno-energy.

Beware of the Indigo Kids!!!

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