~ Math Geek Day! ~

(How to celebrate Math Geek's holiday...)


Now I open a secret and tell you that I was born on March 14th.
And by the way March 14th also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday and a "Pi Day".
Below are some tips on making this day memorable to one and all:

Download the "MATH GEEK" logo in scalable vector format!
Then create some "MATH GEEK" ambiance!
Just like people display a tree and mistletoe, wear Christmas gear, and sing Christmas songs around Christmas, there is a lot of room for making the environment around you reminiscent of "MATH GEEK". You can make and wear a "MATH GEEK" T-shirt - this idea can be taken further to include a "MATH GEEK" mug or clock, or other "MATH GEEK" paraphernalia.
Beyond just apparel, though, make your computer wallpaper into something related to "MATH GEEK", change your ringtone either to actual "MATH GEEK" music.
Another step is to change your internet homepage (you should have the internet if you're reading this) to a "MATH GEEK" Myspace page.

Help the tradition continue. Don't let this be a one time thing - celebrate it again and again! Set the date for next year and maybe create a "MATH GEEK" fan-club or fan-website in the process.

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