~ Math Geek "You Don't Know That I Love You" ~

album completed for Art-Tek Records

holla! debut album by [m/-|tl-| GeE|<] coming soon...

oh, by the way - there are now video and audio clips of live version of new gorgeous and frantic track:

Math Geek - "Hexapod Liarden"
Live @ Secret Assembly Spring Party, March 2006

Video (6,05 Mb) || Audio (3,09 Mb)



nb: You might wonder "WHAT THE SHIT IS GOING ON? WHERE IS THE LONG-TIME-AGO-PROMISED AND LONG-AWAITED ALBUM? WE CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!". Please contact my BIG BOSS and ask him. And tell him that I and my mum also want to know!

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